Manufacturer and stockists of 304 Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Round Pipes, 304 Polished Stainless Steel Pipes, 304 Railing Polished Pipes, and SS304 Railing Pipes.

In order to meet the unique requirements of our respected clients, Tubetech Metal manufactures, stocks, and supplies 304 mirror polished stainless steel round pipes and ss304 railing pipes, polished stainless steel pipes in a variety of diameters and thicknesses at costs that are among the lowest on the market. Our Electro Polished Stainless Steel Pipe Suppliers in India enhance operational periods and decrease part wear and tear. These polished stainless steel pipes are most commonly utilized in the construction sector.

Specifications of 304 Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Round Pipes

  • Standard: ASTM A554/EN10296-2
  • Material Grade: SS304
  • Surface Finish: 2B Finish, BA Finish, No.4 Finish, No.8 Mirror Finish, No.4 Brushed Finish, etc.
  • Outer Size: 8mm-200mm/
  • Wall Thickness: 0.6mm-3mm.
  • Pipes Length: 5.8 meters or 6 meters or customized.
  • Length Tolerance: +4.8/-0 mm
  • Outside Diameter Tolerance: According to ASTM A554 standard.
  • Application: Handrail system, furniture, display shelf, sanitary wares, machinery equipment, automobile.
  • Packaging: Each tube is separately packaged in a plastic bag before being placed in a hollow plate and weaving bag.

Pipes Standard Surface Finishes of Stainless Steel Pipes

Stainless steel surface treatments are often chosen based on aesthetics. When choosing raw materials, the degree, extent, and welding should be taken into account. Starting with polished raw materials that will be scratched throughout processing and polished in the end is not a good idea. In this situation, using a cold-rolled finish material and subsequently polishing is frequently more cost-effective.

Production of SS304 Mirror Polish Pipes

The production of the SS 304 mirror polished stainless steel round pipes, SS 304 mirror polished pipes involves the use of premium raw materials, which contribute numerous attributes. Features include the ability to bear larger loads, anti-corrosive, high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, high degree of flexibility, durability, and superior dimension accuracy, among others. The product comes in sizes ranging from 12″ OD to 12″ OD. The unit pipe’s length may be customized to the buyer’s needs and ranges from 20 feet to six meters. Its walls range in thickness from 0.5mm THK to 10MM THK. It has a mill, mirror, and matt finishes. It meets standards set by AISI, ASTM, ASME, DIN, GB, and EN, among others.

The majority of gases and liquids are transported through metal-polished stainless steel pipes. Water supply lines are a household application that is low-cost and less sensitive. Medical equipment is a commercial application that is high-cost to solve this problem, drawing techniques are used to create SS 304 Mirror Polish pipes, and ss304 railing pipes. The seamless pipes can have reduced absolute roughness and are dimensionally correct. However, electropolishing is used when the application is very delicate and the pipe’s inside has to be as spotless and smooth as feasible.

Electrolysis is used to carry out the method, which results in the product losing each atom on its surface one at a time until it has a polished finish. and very sensitive. Different standards and characteristics would be needed for the various uses. In some cases, the dimensions must be precise in addition to the mechanical and chemical properties.

The 304 Mirror Polished stainless steel round pipes procedure does, however, have drawbacks as well. The extreme roughness endures somewhat even with this procedure. Even if the procedure takes a long time and costs money, some of the acids and other chemicals utilized will have an effect on the final product. Despite these drawbacks, the procedure is effective because it produces a dazzling finish that is unmatched by any other mechanical method. Higher corrosion resistance is obtained as a result of the process’ removal of contaminants along with the surface layers.

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